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Claws & Paws Inn

Claws & Paws Inn is "The fun place to stay when my owner's away!

Claws & Paws Inn is different because we provide your pet with constant human and canine contact. Our four-legged friends get to interact with other dogs of all shapes and sizes while enjoying a full day of play and exercise. We also provide toys for their enjoyment.

Each dog is walked outside a minimum of four times daily.

Our Feline Friends can enjoy deluxe accommodations in a spacious two room "condo". One room for lounging and eating, and a separate "kitty litter" room.

Besides a full day of indoor play and exercise, we also provide areas to rest and relax. Our overnight guests are provided with spacious heated and air conditioned accommodations, ranging from our Single Suite at 13' x 3' to our Grand Suite at 13' x 5'. Morning and afternoon meals are served at the Suite.

At bedtime, blankets, water bowl and nighttime treat are provided. Mood music is played while they dream at night.

We provide blankets for bedding, but if your pet has a special blanket or non-edible toy you may bring it along.

We are open seven days a week and because we are located adjacent to Catawba Heights Animal Hospital there is a Veterinarian in on staff six days a week.

To provide the best in balanced nutrition, we feed Royal Canine to all our guests. We can also handle your pet's special dietary needs. We administer medications free of charge.

Deby Cozzie invites you to stop by for a tour of Claws & Paws Inn. The hours are 7:30 to 5:30 daily. Please call for current prices including multi-pet discounts.

At Claws & Paws, each member of our staff is a pet owner and will play and interact with your pet throughout the day as well as providing free treats.

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